Q + A

Quick Q+A: Andrew Cahak + Dracula

Local stand-up comedy is high risk, high reward—just ask a local comedy scenester. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so fired up for a truly good stand-up event thanks to Andrew Cahak and his new full-length album of material,… Continue Reading →

Quick Q+A: George McConnell + SUPERHERO

As Captain America says in the under-appreciated Age of Ultron, “We have an enhanced in the field.” Not just the field, Cap. Everywhere you look these days Superheroes are flying or speeding or stretching by—in our films, in our art,… Continue Reading →

Quick Q+A: Rebecca Krinke + Reckoning

It warms our cold, disaffected arts when we not only see a show that we’re interested in, but when the artist is also a Regular Reader. And that’s just what Rebecca Krinke is: An artist who makes interesting installations, but… Continue Reading →

Quick Q+A: Alana Horton & Patrick Marschke fitter perception at New Works 4 Weeks Festival

Here’s a reminder how the Red Eye Theater’s fantastic New Works 4 Weeks series works: Artists get full access to the theater, technical support, and feedback from their similarly cool artistic cohorts as everyone develops their pieces. Then the selected artists… Continue Reading →

Quick Q+A: Emily Gastineau + RELAY RELAY

Anyone with even a passing interest in the arts should find time to swing into the Red Eye Theater this weekend for RELAY RELAY, an interview series where twenty of MPLS + STPL’s top notch artists who work in dance, theater, music, and performance join each other in a round-robin discussion of their work, their process, their backgrounds, and much much more.

Before the interviews, we asked Emily Gastineau, RELAY RELAY co-organizer and herself a local notable in the performance community, some quick questions about the discussion groupings, the takeaway publication, and the complementary snacks—although in hindsight, to be more in line with the series, we should’ve had her relay questions back to us, too.

Quick Q+A: Art Shanties Kick-Off

Before everyone got excited about our “New North” branding and embrace of wintery-fun lifestyles—like us—a bunch of artists trekked out on to a lake and build a bunch of funky, artsy ice house-style shanties and the MN Art Shanty Projects were… Continue Reading →

Quick Q+A: Su Na + Coral Angel Release Show

Su Na, the hazy electronic funk music project of Alec Ness, has flown under-the-radar locally for both how good his music is and how much attention he’s starting to receive nationally—including “new and notable” hype from Bandcamp. That’s soon likely… Continue Reading →