Watch out for Blackmailing Hookers

Remember what momma always said: Never trust a hooker to settle for $200 when she can have $3200 ‚Äî especially if she’s online. According to the PiPress, “an Eagan man who responded to an Internet advertisement for a sexual tryst… Continue Reading →

Sex for Sale

According to the Strib, sex sells, and all the arrests and police sting operations just don’t seem to be dissuading the “Johns” from their sex-for-sale endeavors. Brad Sperling, 45, a veteran assistant coach with the White Bear Lake High School… Continue Reading →

Cop Fondles Prostitute… a bit too excessively

And more bad cop news… What’s the right way to bust a prostitute? Apparently, you’re just supposed to get a verbal agreement of sex for money and then make the arrest. But officer David Pleoger went a little further with… Continue Reading →