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Your Morning Coffee

Strib: The flu is officially “widespread” around the state.

PiPress: Target reformulates its policy on contributions. Because it was designed-by-committee, it pleases no one.

Austin Daily Herald: Cows escape mass transit!

92% Chance There Won’t Be A Minnesotan Nominated For President

The Strib also reported that #6 Pawlenty finished ahead of #7 Bachmann in the CPAC straw poll of 15 possible GOP contenders. If this poll had any basis in reality, anti-immigrant pro-life isolationist Ron Paul would be chosen as the party’s Pied Piper. (Ron also won the straw poll in 2008 but was thwarted from securing the nomination that summer after getting lost, thinking the RNC was being held in Minneapolis at Target Center.)

Your Morning Toffee

MinnPost: Y2K prep saves St. Cloud newspaper … 11 years later.

MNpublius: Why does MNGOP hate the middle class?

PiPress: St. Paul poet wins 2011 Kay Sexton award.

LOL/OMG: Communist Daughter + Grey’s Anatomy =/= Socialized medicine.

Strib: The Hecker Files. Real-life is infinitely more entertaining than a Hollywood script.

You fix the Minnesota deficit!

Want to try your hand at fixing our projected whopping gap of $6.2 billion for FY 2012-2013? MinnPost built a calculator that allows you to select specific proposals by government officials to see if you can balance the budget. Will your solutions be realistic? Tell us how you did.