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Your Morning Coffee

Strib: “My number one, number two and three obstacle to growing my business is the U.S. government.” Busted at MSP customs with $20,000 in undeclared cash.

PiPress: Skyway bike cops!

MPR [via MinnPost]: Opposition to change in tiered-house law could get surly.

… and this years’ public service award can be awarded now, in February. Any other contenders might as well just throw in the towel. Congrats to the line crew at Crow Wing Power!

Photo credit to Jackie Spaulding

Your Morning Coffee

CBSMinnesota: “One night I woke up. I was looking for my mom and I didn’t know where she was. And then I went outside looking for her and I got too cold. And then I just died. And then the rest of it is history.” Frozen Boy will celebrate his 12th birthday this month. Bowling.

Strib: Not your average ice house. Bravo, gentlemen!

City Pages: Fletcher shows briefs. Still has pants on the ground.

PiPress: Lowertown regional ballpark plans revealed.

Your Morning Coffee

Recent crime blotters from around the state:

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The morning coffee

Winona Daily News: [via Bluestem Prairie] WSU English professor Chuck Ripley thinks that if Rep. Steve Drazkowski is serious about making English the official language of Minnesota, Draz’d better remember to remove all that Latin from state statutes, too. Bologna. Uff-da.

Caledonia Argus: Is that tornado photo ‘shopped? Hmmmm.

PiPress: I was worried but I feel better now, knowing that at least one high school student understands the concept of “original source material.” (Graded A-.)

Blooming Prairie Times: Kelly Lang is headed to the National Reined Cow Horse Association World Finals this April in Texas. And, now, you know what a cow horse is, too.

Blue Earth County Sheriff’s blotter 1/15/11: A couple of DWI checkpoints, ya think?

Watch out for Blackmailing Hookers

Remember what momma always said: Never trust a hooker to settle for $200 when she can have $3200 ‚Äî especially if she’s online.

According to the PiPress, “an Eagan man who responded to an Internet advertisement for a sexual tryst with an escort maintains that [Carissa Marie Guse, 23] and [Lovell Thomas, 39, of Blaine] tried to blackmail him for $3,000 by threatening to tell his wife and texting him his wife’s name and home address.”

The complaints state an Eagan man, whose name police did not release, contacted police July 8 and told them he’d met a woman who identified herself as Miranda through the adult services advertisements on www.Backpage.com, a classifieds listing service.

OK, wait a minute; are we not revealing this guy’s name to protect his innocence? Didn’t he just commit a crime? Last time I checked it was a crime to solicit sex. Or is it somehow OK if it’s just on Backpage.com? Are back pages (like the infamous City Pages back page) somehow outside of the law?

The two had met the night before at a Burnsville hotel along Minnesota 13 and Interstate 35W, where, he said, he paid her $200 for sex.

The next evening, according to charges, he began receiving text messages, pictures and phone calls from her phone number. Miranda wanted “3000 roses” ‚Äî- $3,000 ‚Äî or she would tell his wife.The charges describe the messages as lurid and demanding. The texts featured an image of the man’s car parked in front of the hotel, including a picture of his license plate. The texts also included his wife’s name and date of birth and their home address.

One of the texts read: “I want more roses for my time or I’m coming to your house and talk to your wife I will put this (expletive) on the net all over plus myspace facebook yahoo too your choice.”

Uh-oh. Not Facebook!!!

Apparently, it was a real family event. The two blackmailers were busted outside the Eagan home, with Thomas’s toddler in the back seat of the car. Thomas had texted his baby-momma, a Hennepin County correctional deputy, and asked her to run the man’s license plate in order to get his home address. “But it’s not clear from charges whether the deputy knew what the pair intended to do with the information,” says the report. Huh? Does it matter? Since when is it OK for a deputy to look up a random person’s info and reveal an address? Is this legit?