Your Morning Coffee

Strib: “My number one, number two and three obstacle to growing my business is the U.S. government.” Busted at MSP customs with $20,000 in undeclared cash. PiPress: Skyway bike cops! MPR [via MinnPost]: Opposition to change in tiered-house law could… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

CBSMinnesota: “One night I woke up. I was looking for my mom and I didn’t know where she was. And then I went outside looking for her and I got too cold. And then I just died. And then the… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Recent crime blotters from around the state: Bemidji Pioneer Duluth News Tribune Delano Herald Journal Norwood-Young America Times Rochester Post-Bulletin Worthington Daily Globe Austin Daily Herald

The morning coffee

Winona Daily News: [via Bluestem Prairie] WSU English professor Chuck Ripley thinks that if Rep. Steve Drazkowski is serious about making English the official language of Minnesota, Draz’d better remember to remove all that Latin from state statutes, too. Bologna…. Continue Reading →

Watch out for Blackmailing Hookers

Remember what momma always said: Never trust a hooker to settle for $200 when she can have $3200 ‚Äî especially if she’s online. According to the PiPress, “an Eagan man who responded to an Internet advertisement for a sexual tryst… Continue Reading →

Suicidal Man Shot Dead by Cops

“The man fatally shot by St. Paul police Monday night had a history of ‘significant drug use’ and suicidal thoughts,” begins the PiPress report. Huh? Does this in any way justify the shooting? Seems a terrible lead (and headline) for… Continue Reading →

Only in Wisconsin…

Let’s stretch the local factor just a touch today, because this is just too weird to pass up. A 40-year-old man in Roberts, Wisconsin fired several shots in his mother’s home last week after apparently hallucinating an attack by clowns…. Continue Reading →

FYI: Drive Carefully, Drive Slow

(via KARE11) Minnesota law enforcement agencies statewide are stepping up their speed patrols in July. The July effort includes roughly 400 agencies, and it supplements an ongoing yearlong speeding enforcement campaign that started back in October. Data from the Department… Continue Reading →

If the Police Should Come A-Callin’…

Most of us don’t want the Police unexpectedly knocking on our door, but if they happen to come a calling, it’s probably a good idea to know a thing or two. For starters, you do not need to let them… Continue Reading →

Toddler Found Walking Down Highway 55

So, I suppose those of you who were arguing last week that you just can’t keep your eyes on kids all the time, will find this insignificant and blameless, but a 3-year-old boy was found walking along Highway 55 at… Continue Reading →

Police Chief Denounces Arizona Immigration Law

(Another reason to love Minneapolis…) As hardliners like Minnesota GOP state Rep. Steve Drazkowski try to follow in Arizona’s footsteps with reactionary immigration policies, Minneapolis Police Chief Tom Dolan has joined U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and nine top cops… Continue Reading →

You Shouldn’t Have to Bend over in Public

Ok, I’m pretty sure ‚Äî or at least I hope ‚Äî that it’s not OK for police to take me to the back of their squad car and do a cavity search right there; but someone please tell me, what… Continue Reading →