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Your Morning Kafea

Kafea eta galletakGuardian (UK): أريد أن أطلب بيتزا ببروني. للذهاب. No anchovies, please. (Solidarity rally for Wisconsin workers, 4-5 p.m. @ the State Capitol. Is anyone supplying pizza?)

Strib: Smoking Zambonis may be hazardous to your health.

Alexandria Echo Press: justpbob previously informed you of the ALA’s upcoming Fight For Air stair climb. Here are some out-state participants. (Ringers!)

Morrison County Record: Life after the Legislature: Ex-state senator Dick Day lobbies for a racino.

MN Independent: Guess who says “Glenn Beck can solve the budget deficit?” How? Buy gold from Goldline?


(via Perfect Duluth Day)

Top of the delivery menu:

“Here you go, Mr. Deliveryman. See you back at my room with a vodka tonic in 20 minutes or less.”


What’s Your Favorite Local Pizza?

According to Lazy Lightning, our very own Punch Pizza, was included in the March 2010 issue of Rachael Ray’s magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray.

Basically they did a “March Madness” style bracket for pizza and took favorites from all over the country and broke them down into East Coast, West Coast, Southwest, and Midwest and then pitted them against each other in a pizza showdown for the record books.

Unhappy with the results, however, Lazy Lightning points to their very own South Metro Pizza Taste Test, topped by Goodfellas Bar and Grill. Really?

A night with Galactic Pizza’s Justice League delivery squad

City Pages’ Rachel Hutton spends a night with the men and women in costume: It doesn’t take long to forget that you’re wearing spandex, or at least that’s what Captain Awesome tells me. And he’s right. After about half an hour, I don’t even notice that I’m covered neck to ankles in a bright pink bodysuit with a silver lightning bolt on the chest. I borrowed the suit, which previously belonged to Pink Thunder, from Galactic Pizza’s stash of retired superhero costumes. Whizzing along in one of the Lyn-Lake shop’s new two-seater electric cars with Awesome, I also forget that I’m wearing a bulbous white crash helmet. That is, until I look out the window and notice that people are staring.