Inside the PHC Loop

Today in Salon, local writer Jessica Nordell describes her behind-the-scenes experiences working as an extra on the Prairie Home Companion movie. While you read the article, ponder the following levels of meta: The movie itself is a “behind-the-scenes” account of… Continue Reading →

Prairie Home Companion Premiere Today

Garrison Keillor, Robert Altman, Kevin Kline, Lindsay Lohan, Virginia Madsen, John C Reilly, Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin will be carried in horse drawn carriages led by the Highland Park Senior High marching band down Wabasha St. at about 6:10… Continue Reading →

Hollywood for a Day

Rex’s favorite litigant, I mean movie star, will open A Prairie Home Companion in St. Paul on May 3. Since most of us won’t be invited to ogle the stars inside the Fitz, can we come up with an appropriate… Continue Reading →


Local media is abuzz with the news that Garrison Keillor has announced he is breaking away from his home at the Fitzgerald Theater (take your pick: Strib, Rake, PiPress, MPR, AP). Where’s he moving the show? Well, perhaps to downtown… Continue Reading →

A Little Late To The Party

The illustrious C.J. finally tackles the big “Prairie Ho” controversy in today’s paper. MNSpeak had to follow an insightful exploration of a Fox News Anchor’s sexuality… but hey, we made the paper anyway.

Lake Hobegone

After 14 years of underwriting, Land’s End is dropping Prairie Home Companion as a sponsor. We really must insist that you make no jokes about this matter — not even a snicker will be tolerated.

Montgomery Burns Is On Our Side

Harry Shearer’s weekly radio program did a parody of Garrison Keillor (and us), inspired by our little t-shirt fracas. Click here to hear the show, and fast-forward your RealPlayer to 31:00 to get to the segment. Shearer (who, not that… Continue Reading →

Old Lutheran

Found on PHC’s shopping site: parody t-shirts anyone?

Keillor Acknowledges C&D

Garrison Keillor was on Al Franken’s show yesterday, and for the first time he seems to sorta publicly acknowledge the ‘Prairie Ho’ debacle, if only obliquely. Here’s a quick audio clip, wherein Keillor intones with the smugness we’ve all grown… Continue Reading →

Trial Of The Century: Keillor V. MNspeak.com

A Prairie Homeboy Companion On a Tuesday night two weeks ago, the letter showed up in the mail. It is included below, so you can see for yourself the kind of verbal mastery it takes to make a legal document… Continue Reading →

PHC, Like That Jesus Picture

Chris Hewitt at the PiPress scores an interview with Robert Altman after shooting has wrapped on PHC. Actual quote: “I have a very definite idea that this film could find the kind of audience that went to Mel Gibson’s Jesus… Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes Of PHC

Bloggers: 1; Local Media: 0. Now that filming has wrapped, that’s my scorecard for the coverage of the Prairie Home Companion movie. Can you think of a single story by any of the local media outlets that actually gave you… Continue Reading →