Your Morning Demitasse

MPR: Rescuing North Minneapolis’ blue herons in the tornado’s aftermath. Also: Raptor expert among the tornado victims. AP: Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty’s campaign kick-off. Grade: F. Salon: Why do Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann misquote the Constitution? AV Club: Some weird… Continue Reading →

Comment Of The Day?

via Wonkette’s article about last nights’ Iowa GOP Forum titled “GOP 2012 Field’s Dumbest Candidates Having First Iowa Forum Tonight“: Let’s see: Cain will bring pizza, Roemer will bring a pot of gumbo, Santorum will bring (ick) Santorum, Gingrich will… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: How to crash the Internet. Theoretically-speaking, of course. PiPress: Sara Jane Olson’s daughter makes a big splash on “American Idol.” Politico [via MinnPost]: Cover boy Pawlenty makes the National Review swimsuit issue. MPR: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Snow. Snow,… Continue Reading →

92% Chance There Won’t Be A Minnesotan Nominated For President

The Strib also reported that #6 Pawlenty finished ahead of #7 Bachmann in the CPAC straw poll of 15 possible GOP contenders. If this poll had any basis in reality, anti-immigrant pro-life isolationist Ron Paul would be chosen as the… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

A history-challenged Congresswoman who is more rogue and mavericky than Miss Maverick herself? A former governor re-imaging himself from bridesmaid into movie action hero? Was Jesse Ventura just a warm-up act? Both Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are positioning themselves… Continue Reading →

Your Morning “Kopi-O”

Strib: North Star report card: Ridership below projections. “‘We would have benefited from two Minnesota Vikings home games … except the Metrodome became the Metrodish,’ [MCTA spokesman Bob] Gibbons remarked.” The Atlantic [via MinnPost]: Andrew Sullivan dishes it out. “Here… Continue Reading →

Play the T-Paw Game

I’m diggin’ this short and snarky post on T-Paw: Graham sends in his version of the T-Paw biopiction.¬† New game: pick the page on which T-Paw makes his first joke about his ‚Äúhot wife‚Äù.¬† I‚Äôm going with 141. iteeth comments:… Continue Reading →

No Se Habla Espanol en Minnesota

Aunque el idioma oficial de MNSpeak es ingl√©s, tenemos que hacer hincapi√© en esta noticia poniendola en otra lengua. El Gobernador Tim Pawlenty quiere que el ingl√©s sea idioma oficial del estado, y que el estado prohiba que documentos oficiales… Continue Reading →

Should we call him Governor Douchebag now?

[via Wonkette.com] T-Paw was in Iowa this past weekend makin’ friends and he opened his stump speech with this: ‚ÄúI‚Äôm very thankful for my red-hot smoking wife, the first lady of Minnesota,‚Äù said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pointing to his wife,… Continue Reading →

Tim Pawlenty Debut: The Un-Palin, Un-Romney Makes His White House Case for 2012

[via Politics Daily:] There’s no mystery about Pawlenty’s political intentions, which partially explains why he drew 39 journalists to his debut this week at a ritual Washington breakfast — “one of the biggest turnouts in recent breakfast history,” said host… Continue Reading →

Pawlenty endorses “Felons for Franken” on FOX

[via Salon.com] “Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty went on Fox News, ostensibly to talk about fiscal policy but actually just to continue raising his profile among conservatives in preparation for his 2012 presidential campaign. They asked him about their newest outrage,… Continue Reading →