What’s So Great about Minnie?

Sure, Minnesota is green and Minneapolis is one of the top eco-cities in the world, not to mention a great biking city, but is this really why people move here? Is it for the great jobs? The lack of corruption?… Continue Reading →

Tiki-Motor Lounge Heads for River

Ok, so we’ve said it before (more than once) ‚Äî on our Twitter feed anyhow ‚Äî but it looks like the cat is officially out of the bag: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge will be moving to the much larger (four… Continue Reading →

Nordeast Gets Some (ROBOT)Love

Geek-chic boutique ROBOTLove is moving Nordeast. Woohoo! Watch out, Uptown, N.E. is gunning to be the new arts mecca of Minneapolis. What was once a relatively blah neighborhood, save for the presence of Lunds and Surdyk‚Äôs, has recently blossomed into… Continue Reading →