Michele Bachmann

Bachmann Should Make Nice with the Criminals

MinnPost picked up on a post by Ed Kohler yesterday asking whether the Minnesota prison population helps¬† Michele Bachmann. You see, most of them are in her district. In fact, it looks like nearly half of Minnesota‚Äôs adult prisoners reside… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Continues to Amuse

… and frighten. How can I stop writing about her when she continues to spew off such schlock? (via The Minnesota Independent) Rep. Michele Bachmann told attendees at the Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner that Democrats are a ‚Äúcabal of radicals‚Äù that… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Is Nothing

Last week the lovely Michele Bachmann spoke at a Tea Party gathering in Washington, D.C., calling the Obama administration and Democratic Congress a ‚Äúgangster government.‚Äù Obviously, she’s taken some heat for these remarks. Those remarks have prompted a strong rebuke… Continue Reading →

Are We Subsidizing Bachmann’s Campaign Expenses?

“While Michele Bachmann has developed a reputation as a champion for cutting government spending,” writes Karl Bremer on the Dump Bachmann blog, “her own 2009 congressional staff salary budget mushroomed by $176,868 – a whopping 26.4 percent – over her… Continue Reading →

Minnesotans aren’t paying much attention to Michele re the census

Although Michele Bachmann sees the census as a government plot (damn those founders who wrote the Constitution), it seems Minnesotans are nevertheless sending back their forms faster than the national average. Even that logic isn‚Äôt stopping Representative Michele Bachmann, a… Continue Reading →

Marsh, Bachmann, and the (political) Monster

Well, I had all the links open and ready to go, but LOL OMG! beat me to it, so here’s the score: Steve Marsh did a Q&A with Michele Bachmann last month. “You know, the one where she talked about… Continue Reading →

LOL OMG! Marsh Is Interviewing Bachmann!

The new LOL OMG! blog gives us a brief glimpse of reporter Steve Marsh as he prepares for his Bachmann interview. Marsh [Facebook] status update: “I’m wearing my magenta AmAppy underwears to the Congresswoman’s office just so I can keep… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Continues Tossing Out False Numbers

Last week, our own former editor Max Sparber tweeted: “If you’re going to print Sarah Palin without factchecking her, you probably don’t deserve to be a newspaper.” Well, perhaps the same can be said for U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann. But… Continue Reading →