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Time to Remix Jason Derusha’s Vyou Video Responses

I have been playing around with this new site Vyou since I saw S4xton tweet about it, and of course local Television and Social Media personality Jason DeRusha gets right on board.  I love JD as much as the next… Continue Reading →

Leave Social Media to the Pros, like DeRusha

Jason DeRusha dosn’t agree with Don Shelby’s assertion that social media, rather than informing us of important news, mainly tells us who is eating a ham sandwich right now. “For kicks,” writes DeRusha, “I went to the Twitter search engine… Continue Reading →

Marsh Reveals DeRusha’s Neat Little Cosmology

Check out Steve Marsh’s MSP Magazine piece on Jason DeRusha. (Really, read the whole thing!) DeRusha is known as the Internet savant of local television news. This is repeated enough that it‚Äôs sort of annoying‚Äîjust because he blogs in multiple… Continue Reading →

Local teevee newsies fight hunger, shill for butter

Fox9 buzzmaster Jason Matheson, Vineeta Sawkar from KSTP-TV, KARE’s Rena Sarigianopolos and our own Jason DeRusha, WCCO, are working with local butter giant Land O’ Lakes to raise money to fight hunger. Did Jason do a funny little segment on… Continue Reading →

DeRusha Nabs another Title

DeRusha has gone and done it again. *yawn* No, no, I’m joking, of course. We love DeRusha! And clearly, so does City Pages ‚Äî and the local Twittersphere ‚Äî as he has just been named Best Tweeter 2010. He tweets… Continue Reading →