U of M Drafts New Ethics Policy – and Encourages Your Input

Wow. We live in a new era indeed. The University of Minnesota, currently in the process of rewriting its ethics policy, has put a draft online for all to see and comment on. Really? Why does this surprise me so?… Continue Reading →

Why Give It Away for Free When You Can Charge People?

The Internet… democratic and free. Well, almost, but for how long? Sure, we get in a huff when people threaten to charge us for things we have become used to getting for free, but ultimately, we will pay if given… Continue Reading →

Is the Internet Eating its Own?

Fast Horse, a local boutique consumer marketing agency, tells us the internet is now eating its own. The biggest culprit? Facebook! Facebook, the latest Web sensation, is becoming the preferred news source of tens of millions of Internet users. Facebookers… Continue Reading →

Who Wants Privacy Anyhow?

As Facebook privacy issues cause users to consider quitting Facebook and closing their accounts, Just Judy Judy Judy says, “No, I’m not going to quit using Facebook, you idiots.” As an early adapter, Judy is an avid fan of social… Continue Reading →

Local Television Takes a Hit

With all the talk about the so-called demise of the newspaper industry, little attention has been given to other mediums, like local television. But John Reinan now offers us a look at TV’s current financial crisis as their revenue fell… Continue Reading →

Minnesota Independent Scores Three Awards

It’s a good day for the Minnesota Independent, who walked away with three prizes ‚Äî including two first place awards ‚Äî in the Minnesota Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalist‚Äôs Page One Award. Andy Birkey take home his… Continue Reading →

Are We Oversharing?

“Privacy seems to be at the top of everyone’s minds right now,” says A Day in the Life. “If you haven’t been paying attention, Facebook is taking a lot of heat for its relatively lax approach towards their users’ privacy.”… Continue Reading →

Why Don’t You Kill Yourself?

From this story from today’s NY Times, it seems a man from Faribault was finding depressed people on the internet, and then encouraging them to commit suicide by making suicide pacts with them. In Minnesota, assisting suicide is a crime…. Continue Reading →

Preserve (but Don’t Peruse) Our Libraries

So, the Universty of Minnesota is doing something super cool: they are handing over a million books to be digitally copied by Google as part of an effort to get the world’s libraries online. But… there is a huge enormous… Continue Reading →