Your Morning Coffee

MPR News: Fritz remembers Ferraro. MinnPost: How Harold Stassen helped create modern populist political campaigning. Strib: There is, apparently, no age limit for douchebaggery. PiPress: A txting dictionary for Teh Oldz (first item). BFF, IMHO and FWIW take on whole… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Wired: Defining Internet freedom: ars technica interviews Sen. Al Franken. MinnPost: Welcome to the age of too much information. Capitol Chatter: GOP lawmakers want to take bite out of out-of-state abuse of EBT. No, you are not reliving 2009. (Did… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

Strib: How to crash the Internet. Theoretically-speaking, of course. PiPress: Sara Jane Olson’s daughter makes a big splash on “American Idol.” Politico [via MinnPost]: Cover boy Pawlenty makes the National Review swimsuit issue. MPR: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Snow. Snow,… Continue Reading →

Your Morning Coffee

South12th: This is an awesome winter if you are twelve and have a shovel for tunneling. I swear the snow piles in the Sears parking lot near the Capitol are thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big. Mitchster: Chutulu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, seen… Continue Reading →

You have died of dysentery: A history of The Oregon Trail

City Pages profiles the creation, and three Minnesotan creators, of The Oregon Trail — one of computing’s earliest educational games and simulators.

Have Your Say on Net Neutrality

Speak out on Net Neutrality today at 6 pm in the South High Auditorium, 3131 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis. “Once again The UpTake steps to the plate!” writes Mary Treacy, of the Twin Cities Daily Planet. The UpTake crew, mostly… Continue Reading →

Between the Event and the Music

A quick note from Max “Bunny” Sparber: You’ve probably heard of Steven Slater, the disgruntled flight attendant who responded to getting a suitcase to the head from an abusive passenger by cursing her out over the intercom, grabbing a beer,… Continue Reading →