Thanks to people who show up

Here’s a tip of the hat to the many people who stopped by The Affair expo this past weekend and visited with us at the Secrets of the City ultra booth, signed up for emails, told us about your favorite… Continue Reading →

Thanks, Max, and Welcome Back, Cristina

With the recent updates to Secrets of the City, including MNSpeak’s reclaimed front and center position, we’ve been planning on expanding both the breadth of topics covered and the number of voices contributing to MNSpeak’s posts and comments. ¬†So now… Continue Reading →

Secrets of the City v2.0

Well, we thought 24 hours was enough public beta testing, so we launched the new site.¬† Most stuff seems to be working, except for the stuff that isn’t.¬† Let us know what you think because we’ll be tweaking quite a… Continue Reading →

MnSpeak in Top 5 Minnesota Blogs

City Pages points us to newsbobber, which has ranked the top 100 blogs in Minnesota. Who has two thumbs and is number five on the list? This blog!

Sorry, Folks

Our server at HostMySite.com was down all day due to a construction accident that cut a fiber optic cable. Should be good now. (See their site for some funny pictures.)

MNspeak T-Shirts 2.0

Maybe we can get sued by someone even more famous this time. Jesse Ventura? Here’s the last t-shirt thread.

MNspeak Pub Quiz – August 2nd

Pick a team captain and have him/her email Matt Bartel at mnspeak@gmail.com with the subject line “MNspeak Pub Quiz” to register a team. No need to submit players names with registration. Just make sure no one is on more than… Continue Reading →

MNspeak 2.1

Over the next day or two, you’ll notice the design of MNspeak gradually changing, starting with the homepage. All of the content and functionality will be the same for now. The two major changes are the navigation bar on the… Continue Reading →

MNspeak Pinch Hitter

Hey all, I have two announcements. First, I will be out of town until the Wednesday after next (June 7,) so the very kind Mr. Max Sparber will be taking over daily links duties until then. Second, the MNspeak pub… Continue Reading →

MNspeak FAQs

What do n00bs need to know? An introductory course in 1337? An explanation as to why we’re obsessed with midget clowns? What makes a good FPP? What the hell an FPP is anyway? Recipes for illicit substances? That Taylor isn’t,… Continue Reading →

What New Features Would You Like to See?

What new features would you like to see Matt add to MNSpeak? Wizbang AJAX action? Facebook/MySpace style profiles for DeRusha’s stalking pleasure? Or maybe just the ability to fetch you a double-shot non-fat latte.