The morning coffee

Winona Daily News: [via Bluestem Prairie] WSU English professor Chuck Ripley thinks that if Rep. Steve Drazkowski is serious about making English the official language of Minnesota, Draz’d better remember to remove all that Latin from state statutes, too. Bologna…. Continue Reading →

Local Author!

Amber Carter wrote a book, and she wants you to buy it and go play with her on August 4th. Common Good Books in St. Paul is now carrying Holiday Chick, just in time for you to pick up a… Continue Reading →

Preserve (but Don’t Peruse) Our Libraries

So, the Universty of Minnesota is doing something super cool: they are handing over a million books to be digitally copied by Google as part of an effort to get the world’s libraries online. But… there is a huge enormous… Continue Reading →

Remember that Guy Named Rex?

Yeah, you know the one. the spiky-haired meme-promoter microcelebrity the bad boy heartthrob of online ing√©nue the guy who Garrison Keillor tried to sue the bed-hopping founder of MNSpeak! Well, Rex has gone and done it again. What now? No,… Continue Reading →

The Melinda Jacobs Experience with Jesse Ventura

Melinda Jacobs met up with Jesse Ventura to talk about his new book, surfing, marijuana legalization, and conspiracies (that may or may not be keeping his fans from speaking to us on camera). Ok, now what do you think about… Continue Reading →

Ventura’s Book Calls for the Legalization of Marijuana

Last week, former Gov. Jesse Ventura promoted his upcoming book, American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us, with a Huffington Post column “in which he decries the ‘staggering’ hypocrisy of the Obama Administration in… Continue Reading →

Six Questions We Always Ask

Minnesota Reads‘ motto is “Some people like to go out dancing, we love a bunch of authors.” This week they love author C.M. Harris, asking her their standard “six questions we always ask.” Harris is celebrating the launch of her… Continue Reading →

Favorite Books of 2009

David Fingerman lists his top ten books of 2009 on Minnesota Reads. Among them: Bone Song by John Meaney, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton, Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell, The Long Fall by… Continue Reading →

Melinda Jacobs goes Rogue with Sarah Palin

As far as I can tell, people like Sarah Palin because she’s “real,” “a populist,” “awesome,” and hot. But do people know anything about her foreign policy? Not so much. (Funny thing is that the person most able to articulate… Continue Reading →

Palin Escapes Tomato Attack at MOA

Minnesota Police have arrested a man who allegedly threw a tomato at Sarah Palin during her Going Rogue book signing at the Mall of America yesterday. Unfortunately, the assailant was just not a very good shot; the tomato (guts) struck… Continue Reading →

Happy Banned Books Week!

Happy Banned Books Week, everyone! As I’m sure we’re all down with freedom of speech around here, take some time this week to explore some of the great works of literature that have, at one point or another, been banned,… Continue Reading →