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Tits and Ass and Twins

“It’s been said there is nothing more American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and naked ladies,” writes Strib columnist Jon Tevlin as he tells us of a new titty bar, called the 10th Inning,being considering for the former 418 Club locale on 3rd Avenue N., just a block or so from Target Field.

“We like to call it a sports bar, primarily, with a side attraction,” said [local partner Mark] Dziuk, adroitly tap dancing around the lap dancing. “Couples who like to go to a sports bar before or after a game will like to go here.”

A friendly bar, with benefits.

Other local businesses and residents are none to happy about the prospect, but Tevlin is quick to point out that it’s not the only strip club in the area.

Families dragging glove-toting kids from nearby parking already have to explain such businesses as “Sex World” and “Sinners.” That’s what happens when you plunk your new stadium into the middle of a district actually designed to contain the city’s naughty bits in one easily accessible, or avoidable, neighborhood.

This is Twins Territory, indeed.