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Where’s Owen?

Yesterday was the annual Extreme Racing Day at Canterbury Park ‚Äî with camel races and ostrich races included ‚Äî so here’s a little blast from the past with former MNSpeak editor Max Sparber as The Rake’s Owen. What fun.

Here, Kitty Kitty

Perfect Duluth Day asks: are there wild cats in Lester Park?

Last weekend, while enjoying a quiet rest on Lester River about one mile up from the main park, I heard what sounded like a cat hissing, but at 20 times the volume of what you’d hear from a house cat. There were five or six of these “roars” followed by a rustling in the under brush at which point I got the hell out of there. I have heard of bobcat sightings in the area but wonder if it might have been something larger, say a mountain lion? Has anyone else had a similar experience or even a sighting?

I heard a similar sound at my cabin just south of Brainerd. Found out the next day that it was a bobcat. Not sure about mountain lions, but they seem to be getting closer and closer every day.

DNR Studies Effects of Oil Spill on Our Loons

Is the BP oil spill harming our loons?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is tracking 10 loons to study the effect of the Gulf oil spill on the state’s loon population.

The Forum of Fargo, N.D., reports that the DNR and the U.S. Geological Survey are tagging the loons with GPS transmitters.

The researchers hope to learn whether the birds migrate to the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast in the winter. They also want to know how many will survive.

Minnesota DNR Nongame Wildlife Program Supervisor Carrol Henderson says most loons go to the Gulf Coast — many right to the area where the oil is coming ashore.

Henderson says loons migrate south in October and November. Adults return in April, but young loons stay for two years before heading back to Minnesota.

Will anything at all go unharmed by this horror? (Besides cockroaches, perhaps.) There’s a reason they call it an ecosystem.

Friday Open Thread 07.02.10

This isn’t Minnesota, but it COULD be. Brutal! And impressive.

Polar Bears Return to Como, Bigger than Ever

At 10am today the new $15 milllion Polar Bear Odyssey opens at the Como Zoo, and we can all go say hello to Buzz and Neil after their two-year absence.

The exhibit, which is seven times the size of the previous one ‚Äî remember that little pool in which you’d see a poor polar bear desperately doing laps all day long? ‚Äî offers underwater and above-ground views of the bears, allowing visitors unobstructed views as close as 20 feet away.