Where’s Owen?

Yesterday was the annual Extreme Racing Day at Canterbury Park ‚Äî with camel races and ostrich races included ‚Äî so here’s a little blast from the past with former MNSpeak editor Max Sparber as The Rake’s Owen. What fun.

Here, Kitty Kitty

Perfect Duluth Day asks: are there wild cats in Lester Park? Last weekend, while enjoying a quiet rest on Lester River about one mile up from the main park, I heard what sounded like a cat hissing, but at 20… Continue Reading →

DNR Studies Effects of Oil Spill on Our Loons

Is the BP oil spill harming our loons? The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is tracking 10 loons to study the effect of the Gulf oil spill on the state’s loon population. The Forum of Fargo, N.D., reports that the… Continue Reading →

Friday Open Thread 07.02.10

This isn’t Minnesota, but it COULD be. Brutal! And impressive.

Polar Bears Return to Como, Bigger than Ever

At 10am today the new $15 milllion Polar Bear Odyssey opens at the Como Zoo, and we can all go say hello to Buzz and Neil after their two-year absence. The exhibit, which is seven times the size of the… Continue Reading →

Idiot Report: Dad Lifts Son into Cougar Cage

… and not the good kind. What kind of dad lifts his son into a cougar cage just for the photo op? A small child between the ages of 2 and 5 was allegedly scratched after a Como Zoo cougar… Continue Reading →


“That dude needs to be strung up by his pearls for messing with swine,” tweets Scott Fahrenkrug, aka @swineheart, in regards to Curtis Lee Adams, who has been charged with stabbing 29 pigs so badly they had to be put… Continue Reading →

Fido Gets Protection

A bill that would extend domestic abuse protections to pets cleared the Minnesota Senate with a 59-7 vote yesterday. The bill would let judges include pets in court protective orders and determine who would care for a pet in a… Continue Reading →

Man Accused of Hoarding More Than 100 Cats

Now might be a really great time for cat lovers to make their way down to the Golden Valley Humane Society to adopt a very needy cat ‚Äî or 41 very needy cats! According to the PiPress, 68-year-old Todd Stoehr,… Continue Reading →

Dinner Flies out the Window

(via WCCO) A Minnetonka family had a strange and unwelcome visitor Wednesday — a wild turkey. The turkey broke a window and ended up in the house. The family dog, Skupper, chased the turkey around the living room. The homeowner… Continue Reading →

A Bear Needs a Name

Last month we posted about Lily’s bear cub being born in Ely ‚Äî you could even watch the birth. Well, according to Kare11, the North American Bear Center now wants your help naming the cub and will be taking submissions… Continue Reading →

Need Karma Points? Help Find a Dog

Please help a fellow MNSpeaker’s friends. Check out this ad for their missing dog and let us know if you’ve seen him. On Wednesday afternoon, I took both of our dogs to the Minnehaha dog park and Chico, our dachshund,… Continue Reading →