Advertising Does Not Affect Behavior

“I need to interrupt this weekend‚Äôs discussion of porn with major financial news,” begins the Echidne of the Snakes “Breaking News (by Suzie)” post. “The multibillion advertising industry has collapsed after researchers declared they could find no causal link between… Continue Reading →

Journalism Ain’t Broke

“Journalism isn‚Äôt broken,” writes Erik Hare, “but the way this public art pays has fallen down almost completely. Given that a free people need good information to make good individual decisions this struggle is now something at the core of… Continue Reading →

Does Twitter Make You Drink?

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any hunger pangs or thirst created during the watching of the video. KARE-11 does a story on local companies using social media. The stars: Surly and Punch Pizza.

DeRusha’s Good Question Goes Digital

Even Jason DeRusha was impressed by this one. And why wouldn’t he be? WCCO purchased space on a digital billboard and is using it to promote the Good Question each day. Anybody seen it yet? “I’m glad my 1st billboarded… Continue Reading →

Eyes on the Rear

According to MPR, Twin Cities firm Rear Window Media is looking to put full-color, illuminated ads on ‚Äî that’s right ‚Äî the rear windows of commuters’ vans, SUVs, and trucks. Too distracting? Pat Seger of Minneapolis seems to think so…. Continue Reading →

A Look at Local Marketing Greats

MinnPost’s John Reinan gives a shout out to local marketing greats, starting with Pat Fallon, who is soon to be inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame. Fallon, a volatile genius (I was once on the wrong side… Continue Reading →

The Co-operatives Are Blowin’ in the Wind

Aw, man, first he puts out a Christmas album and now Bobby Zimmerman sold another song to advertising ‚Äî one of my youth-time favorites, in fact: “Blowin’ in the Wind.” The legendary singer said The Co-operative can use his 1963… Continue Reading →

Yes, It’s Real!

According to Shot in the Dark, Bob Collins broke the story and National Public Radio is now on the case. “The mystery billboard is not only real, it‚Äôs in the ‚Äòburbs of the Twin Cities.” There is a billboard along… Continue Reading →

Local Filmmakers Make a Run for the Superbowl

Remember last year’s infamous Doritos Superbowl commercial? Well, as the next Superbowl approaches, Doritos is once again hosting another competition for this year’s spots – the top three will air – and there’s a local team in the running with… Continue Reading →

Round up: Minnesota Successes

The Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie has won a lawsuit against McDonald’s, crediting them with the “Who’s Your Patty?” phrase. Thirteen-year-old Daniel Hauser, who gained acclaim for running away to avoid chemotherapy treatment earlier this year, is scheduled for his… Continue Reading →

He’s Dull. But He’s Brilliant.

Can we have a thread about the megalithic genius of Shane Company radio ads? Cursory research reveals this is harldy a local post (dude is from Colorado, but I always thought this was a homegrown outfit. With their soothing total… Continue Reading →