Who rocks “two wheels with a big ole’ frame,” pops the sickest wheelies, and last year made Hot Cheetos & Takis a snack combo of national discussion? Y.N. RichKids, of course. If you thought the pint-sized snack-enthusiasts were a one-hit wonder, think again: the Minneapolis rap prodigies just dropped a brand new single about something equally as wonderful and taken for granted—ridin’ around on one’s bicycle.

As a city known for our cycling, we think Minneapolis might as well adopt this as the official anthem of the-summer-that-finally-showed-up. And if you hear about this from someone else three months from now, take a cue from Lauren, the group’s newest female MC: “Don’t be mad cuz you late to the party/we was hot way before hot Cheetos and takis.” If you don’t love this, chances are your heart has frozen over and needs a good thawing.