As one of our editors frequently, and very sarcastically, says, “Oh, local music, I just love local music, only the most local of music, the only music I listen to is so local!” Ever feel like you need a starting point for this Golden Age of homegrown talent hitting the stages around town? Here’s who we’re currently listening to, check them out.

The duo of Chris Wald and Zach Gonet spent the last few years building up their fat guitar hooks, rock’n’roll drum claps, distilled vocal lines, and fanbase, but their sound never really matched their previous name Homebrew. Now that the duo go by Telamones, a name that lives up to their sonic sensibilities, you’ll likely be hearing them—and hearing about them—quite a bit. Case in point: Their video for the Arctic Monkies-esque “Three to Tango” debuted this week and on Saturday they play a stacked release show at the Parkway with other young guns Colin Campbell & The Shackletons, powerhouse Lydia Liza, and Harper’s Jar.