Porta-Potties, not potholes or even just pot, are the Minnesota Capitol’s most urgent order of business: Renovations at the Minnesota Capitol have closed most toilets, leaving legislators and others to use a throwback to Territorial Days—outdoor toilets. A row of porta-potties below the south stairs awaits those for whom nature calls. (At least they’re inside, right?)

Here’s the happs on the craps—some literal bathroom humor for you:

— At Politics in Minnesota, Mike Mosedale proposed a tagline for the new session: “The year of the porta-potty.”
— State Sen. Carla Nelson documented early days for the outdoor johns in a Dec. 16 tweet: “Port-a-Potties arrive at the MN State Capitol in preparation for session in a major construction zone. Brr!”
— “Taking a tinkle is a challenge,” KSTP-TV reported Monday—even with heat in the outdoor porta-potties.
— Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe envisions an upside—less legislative gridlock: “Very cold outdoor toilets @mncapitol only choice during renovation? Anything to speed #mnleg along I guess.

In a move that may make cold comfort a bit more comfortable for legislators, a golden porta-potty has been installed on the Capitol’s signature quadriga statue. —Chris Steller