Even though Governor Dayton and Legislative leaders Koch and Zellers came to a tentative agreement on an overall state budget, the work of actually voting on and passing the budget bills remains — and it’s starting to look like it might not be easy work.

GOP Senator Mike Parry, who earlier called for Dayton to resign, walked out of a finance meeting, and Republican Rep. Pat Garafalo threw his laptop in a K-12 budget meeting where there’s still serious disagreement. Abortion opponents, including the state’s largest anti-abortion group, have asked law makers to vote no on any budget bill that doesn’t include a ban on abortion and have said there will be increased scrutiny of those who vote in favor of the bills. Lobbyists have also made their way to the capitol to try and get their projects, issues, and funding included in the final bills.

There might be a bright side, depending on your purview, the arts and heritage funding might be included in the new budget and the Vikings stadium will not.