This week we’re bringing you the best spooky, scary activities to get you all spooked up for Halloween (which is Friday, if you didn’t get the memo). Today we’re running down the best local places to find a cheap, last-minute costume. 

First, check your closet. There’s got to be something in there you can throw together. (Buzzfeed has a list if you need inspiration. P.S. Somebody please be Wilson from Home Improvement.) Your next stop is obviously a thrift store. We were at Unique Thrift Store in Columbia Heights on Sunday and it was surprisingly not picked over! Some of the pre-curated costumes were a little dubious (a lot of generic, bodice-y “dark fairy” and “medieval” stuff for gals), and they didn’t have a ton for dudes, but you’ll find something if you dig. (BTW, if you donate two or more bags of clothes, kitchenware or household stuff while you’re there, you get a 20% off coupon.) If you’re thrifty and crafty, SR Harris fabric outlets in Brooklyn Park and Burnsville will have something you can spin into a costume on the cheap.

If all else fails, just buy some scrubs at the thrift store, wrap yourself in foil and go as a burrito, or suck it up and go to Party City for some fake blood and vampire teeth. Halloween is for kids anyway!