Move over, Brandi Glanville and co. There’s a new crop of ladies on the up and up, and they seem a whole lot nicer than these “Real Housewives.” VICE recently profiled the lives of four feline enthusiasts in a tongue-in-cheek piece called “The Real Cat Ladies of Minneapolis.” In it, we meet Vanessa Gadberry, who communicates with her deaf kitten using adorable cat sign language, and later Kai and Ro, who vaguely remind us of a cat-obsessed Tegan and Sara. And finally there’s the pink-haired, punk-rock-singing Whitney Rodgers and her lanky Cornish Rex.

VICE met up with these girls at last summer’s Internet Cat Video Festival, which is revving up for a second round this year.

The video is the third in a series on online cats. It’s the sole “Real Cat Ladies” episode, but hey, we can still hold out hope for a continuing reality series.