For those of us who aren’t professional athletes, $7.5 million is quite a bit of money. But is it too much? That’s the amount Vikings fullback Jerome Felton will bring in during his three-year deal with the team. Forbes recently released a list of the NFL’s Most Overpaid Players, with Felton at the top spot.

How does one measure that? The publication used Approximate Value (AV), a stat that tries to calculate a player’s on-field efforts to his team’s success compared with his current average salary. Felton made the All-Pro team last season, but his AV was 0.3 with an average salary of $2.5 million. Coming in second place is teammate John Carlson. The tight end signed a five-year deal for $25 million last year. With his $5 million average salary, his AV is 1.1.

Does blocking the way for Adrian Peterson to score count for anything? It does with us, Mr. Felton.