It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.

Who: The Witches in all black at the weekend marches

While clever and creative signs have become the norm at marches and protests—come up with your own though, come on, you can’t steal “not usually a sign person, but jeez” anymore—dressing up in all black with plague masks and witch hats is one way to stand out. When we saw the witches walking around with their signs, we immediately started hoping they’d become regular sightings around town, like Scott Seekins, but more political and cooler.

What: Italian Film Fest

Buona sera, senorita, buona sera. It’s time to say hello to this year’s Italian Film Fest this weekend at St. Anthony Main. The event features a total of nine films, including eight that have never been shown in MN, plus a celebration of Sergio Leone. There’s also a big opening night party that’s open to even non-Italianos. Get tickets to the shows ahead of time, since it’s a small run, screenings can fill up fast.

When: Not til fall, when the MN Opera starts its new season

Regular Readers know we love our opera, and it pains us every time we get the early notice about the upcoming MN Opera season, since it doesn’t kick off until fall. This year looks especially exciting, since it includes accessible classics like Donizetti’s Don Pasquale and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro matched with a contemporary production like Dead Man Walking, “The most performed new opera of the 21st century” based off the memoir that also launched the movie. At least we still have Dinner at Eight and La Boheme to still look forward to this current season.

Where: Spooky ol’ James J. Hill Center

Get a live performance of some throwback radio dramas thanks to The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society podcast. Joshua English Scrimshaw, Tim Uren and Eric Webster with Shanan Custer and Joe Weisman will recreate two golden age radio suspense stories as the original broadcast, including the announcements and commercials. The shows will be once a month, including Sunday, February 26th

Why: AMC Rosedale’s slow-ass ticketing lines

How long has AMC Rosedale been showing movies? You’d think they would know how to sell tickets by now. But we’ve heard rumors—fateful warnings, more like―to arrive super early, but we felt the sting first hand at John Wick 2 (which is great) when only one of the electronic machines was working and one of the two tellers was offline helping an indecisive lady figure out which random movie she was going to see that afternoon (who does this?).