Twin Cities No. 3 Favorite City for Visitors 2012

Travel + Leisure gave the Twin Cities the No. 3 spot on its list of America’s Favorite Cities 2012 for visitors, trailing behind leaders Nashville and Austin on a list of 35 cities. For residents, the number is lower at 11, but the Twin Cities topped a lot of lists as No. 4 for friendliness to visitors. The Twin Cities was the best for public parks and outdoor access, summer, cleanliness, intelligence, and home d├ęcor and design stores.

Our worst rankings include our blizzard-induced reputation including winter (32), spring break (30), and New Year’s Eve (30). Visitors also ranked the cities as No. 1 for driving ability, but the residents ranking is No. 5. Is it too early to ask if this mild winter might change these numbers?

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