All Pints North triumphed with a sold out event, notable for the very appreciate and attentive Bauhaus Haus Band Viva Knieval crowd, nontraditional pretzel necklaces (jumbo pretzels, entire snack bags), and a very pleasant, if accidental, baby break spot on a patch of grass overlooking the shore. Here’s a few of the fun beer names and trends that our APN Special Correspondent Isabelle Wattenberg gleaned in-between her many beers:

Funny + Punny Beer Names
CTRL+ALT+DEL – Altbier from LTD Brewing Company
Grrreat Flakes – American IPA (made with flaked corn) from Wicked Wort Brewing Company
Grow a Pear – Cider from Loon Juice
Hopothermia – Imperial IPA from Alaskan Brewing Co
Mo’ Citra, Mo Problems – Double IPA from Grand Rounds Brewing Company
Nursing in Public – Milk Stout from Spilled Grain Brewhouse
Prairie Bomb! – Imperial Stout from Prairie Artisan Ales

Shout out to Fair State Brewing as well, not only for winning the people’s choice vote, but for affixing sprinklers to their marquee awning. Well played. Well played.

Babies > Dogs
Block parties might still be the best place to hang out with the pooches, but this year’s APN had more little humans than doggos. We’ve noticed this in tap rooms, too, and support parents having a spot to take their tikes that also has good beers.

Little black dresses > Rompers
Just in case you were getting the impression beer fests are just new parents, it wasn’t. If you going to go out to a festival, look good! 

T-shirts from local breweries > Plaid
Speaking of looking good—the exotic local brewery t-shirt is the new David Bowie in Japan tour concert t-shirt. 

Man Buns > Men with beards covered in brewery stickers (Close call though)
The top knot trend is still going strong, but we’re hoping the beard decoration trend breaks out of just the beer festivals and into Twincy’s gen pop.

Custom pretzel necklaces > Traditional pretzel necklaces
Here’s a tip for any beer festival: If you’re going, you’ve got to up your pretzel necklace game. This has been a steady trend that’s just going to continue to grow. (Most notable: leis instead of yarn, necklaces containing entire mini-bags of pretzels.)