Annihilate. Crush. Whatever you want to call it, Travail’s much buzzed about Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday with a grand total of $255,669, thanks to supporters. The goal? $75,000. Yeah, we’ll call that pure obliteration.

The Robbinsdale restaurant known for its fun-loving atmosphere, fine dining, and often four-hour wait, will open a bigger and better location only three storefronts down the road with its recently gained funds. The new Travail, offering only tasting menus, will also be home to The Rookery, a bar-type area with chef-driven cocktails and micro plates.

When our own Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl asked chef and co-owner Mike Brown what he’d do with the extra money raised (mind you, it had merely succeeded its goal by $100,000 at the time of her interview) he said they wanted to buy a real anti-griddle, a rotary-vacuum evaporation system (huh?) and a freeze-drying machine “so we can legitimately make space food.”