Holy Smokes! Tonight’s the night that we record our first ever The Weekend Starts Now podcast, and we’re pretty blown away that we’ve got at least 70 audience members ready to hear our show in the Afghan Room at Bachelor Farmer. You’ll be able to give it a listen next week, but we wanted to give you heads up that the guests are fantastic. For Episode 1 we’ll talk with Eric Dayton (maybe he’ll actually give us a NORTH hat like in our header) and Chef Paul Berglund from The Bachelor Farmer, plus Sarah Peters from the Northern Spark Festival. In Episode 2 we’ve got writer M.C. Cronin and illustrator wacso. Oh, and Betsy Hodges, THE MAYOR OF MINNEAPOLIS. Special bonus guest: writer Ross Pfund, discussing the runaway hit TV show Murder, She Wrote! It’s going to be a great time. If you missed out on being in the audience for this recording, stay tuned and we’ll have free tickets available for the second round up shortly. And can’t forget a big thanks to Annie B’s Popcorn and Caramels for sponsoring the show!