They’ve done it. Local Summit Brewery and better burger chain Smashburger have given the combination of burgers and beer, an American classic to some, a whole new flavor, according to the PiPress.

The two have come together to provide meat and hopps lovers alike an even better dining experience by pairing together delicious local craft beers with the right Smashburger sandwich. Tom Ryan, the founder of Smashburger mentions to the PiPress that many people walk in to a restaurant ready to pick their favorite beer and their favorite burger, but the pairings suggestions will match the right flavors together.

For hours in a meeting held earlier this year (a day one can only imagine as possibly the best day ever), burgers were consumed and beers were savored until the two companies were satisfied they had found the perfect match for each burger selected.  The result? A list of  the mouth-watering pairings you can check-out here, just make sure to have a napkin handy.