While it is said that nothing in this world is free, Ruth Fen is certainly trying her hardest with her Franklin Free Market. Although everything in her market is donated and people may take whatever they like for nothing in exchange, the price Ruth pays is in neighborhood unrest.

For four years now, Fen has hosted a kind of “take a penny, leave a penny” style garage sale in Prospect Park near Franklin and Bedford avenues. People can drop off old chairs or out-grown children’s clothes and neighbors will slowly take the goods home with them.

Although many are pleased and have attended this neighborhood coop, there are others who scorn it as an “eyesore” and a blight on Prospect Park. When the city does receive complaints and demands Fen to remove items, she does so before the deadline, but it doesn’t take too long before the market slowly starts back up again.

While Fen doesn’t want to upset her neighbors, she also believes the market is able to truly help some people in need. In the future she hopes to make everybody happy by tidying up the market and making an artistic display to make it more picturesque.