We’re big fans of all the delectable menu offerings at Sun Street Breads. But when we’re nursing a crushing hangover, there’s one item in particular for which we quest. The Southern Fried Biscuit sandwich is, quite simply, the Grand Poobah of alcohol sponges. Here’s the deal: a generous slab of juicy fried chicken is topped with a strip of savory bacon and slapped between two fluffy buttermilk biscuits. A side of creamy, dreamy country gravy—peppery and rife with meaty sausage morsels—can either be used for dipping or full-on slathering (we recommend the latter). But to truly reach Valhalla, it’s imperative that you go for the full coronary clog and add an over easy or sunny-side up egg to the equation (#yolo, brah). Wash that oozing pile of perfection down with some black coffee or hair of the dog and you’re back in business baby—or maybe just back to snoozing on the couch. 

Sun Street Breads, 4600 Nicollet Ave., MPLS, www.sunstreetbreads.com