Ah, the Segway. Since its inception, the awkwardly tall scooter has mostly been a mainstay of  mall cops. However, there are some people who choose to use it as their everyday transportation—even while impaired.

As the PiPress reports, a court ruling released today revealed that a Hennepin County man would not be charged with a DWI for driving his Segway home, intoxicated. The man was stopped by police recently after swerving his scooter into the middle of the road. His blood alcohol level was .19—more than twice the legal limit. The man claims he enjoys riding his Segway to social functions close to his home, and that he should not be charged with a DWI when he is not technically operating a “motor vehicle.”

The icing on the cake? This wasn’t the man’s first drunken-Segway-ride incident; he has been pulled over at least two other times while on the scooter. Perhaps it can’t be considered a vehicle, but as one reader commenting on the story suggests, “operating a Segway (at all) should be a crime.”