If you’ve ever wanted to go pants-less in public, this Sunday is your chance. According to the Richfield Patch, Sunday, Jan. 13 will mark the fifth annual No Pants Subway Ride – Minneapolis, in which participants will ride the light rail donning only their skivvies (and yes, skivvies are required).

The event was created by Improv Everywhere in New York back in 2002, but Minnesota’s traditions have been carried out by Plan B MN Improv. The ride begins at the Mall of America and ends at Target field.  At 1 p.m, participants will organize at the lower level of the MOA transit station under signage for either “No Pants 2013” or “Plan B MN Improv.”

Inappropriate flashing will be enforced: An important rule of the event is that thou shalt not drop trou until instructed to do so. Therefore, participants must show up to the Mall wearing pants and then remove them only when told. (Police will be on-hand to quell any unauthorized pant droppers or those with undergarments that reveal a little TMI.) Also, in following with the improvisational theme of the event, when greeted with quizzical looks from bystanders not in on the joke, you must say something along the lines of “guess I forgot my pants!”