While Minnesota has joyfully adopted the micro-brewery craze, it would seem some local breweries are now being punished for their sweet success. As Kare 11 reports, current state laws prohibit a Minnesota micro-brewery from producing and selling more than 3,500 barrels of beer per year. If a brewery goes over this limit, they are banned from selling growlers: popular jugs of craft beer that serve as important sources of revenue for smaller breweries.

Let’s pour one out for Surly, which has already exceeded the 3,500 limit and thus lost the right to sell the growler. But fear not, beer lovers—fans of pale and amber ales, supporters of belgian wheats or hearty stouts: there’s something you can do to help! While the Minnesota Beermakers Association works with state lawmakers to remove this barrel limit, you can vote to Save the Growler, ensuring our local breweries stay in business, and our growlers don’t become an endangered beverage.