Today’s update: the cable is still snapped, and city officials don’t know when the bridge will be stabilized enough to open the road and train line. In the meantime, if you need to take Hiawatha for your comings and goings, we’ve found that a quick detour on Cedar from 32nd and 26th streets works well and is going faster than the parallel route along Minnehaha Avenue.

Background: In case you spent yesterday celebrating the nation’s presidents and not going into work, you might have missed the news that one of the cables helping to suspend the Sabo bridge over Highway 55/Hiawatha Avenue snapped. (Good pics of the spaghetti’d cable here.) As a result of the cable breaking, the highway had to be blocked off and the LRT service interrupted (riders jump from the 38th Street to Franklin Avenue station by bus), which caused a big problem for the many commuters who use those routes into downtown or out to the airport.