Many Twin Cities residents can easily remember a time before Light Rail Transit tracks started reaching around the metro, but trains are slowly, but surely, becoming an integral part of city transit.

The STrib takes a look at the status of the Hiawatha line from the Mall of America to Target Field and finds that it’s successful, both financially and with riders. But as construction to connect the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul with an LRT line continues, the Met Council released a report that businesses are both leaving and coming to University Avenue during the development and the PiPress hears both support and criticism for the project. One of the biggest challenges of the Central Corridor construction might be at the Capitol, but not with lawmakers — there’s some concern that the old building might not have the structural integrity to withstand all the wear and tear of train traffic, and pieces of the building might become loose form and fall off.

Meanwhile, in light of LRT’s effectiveness and despite the growing pains, planning is underway on the new Bottineau line that would run from downtown Minneapolis to either Maple Grove or Brooklyn Park.