Ice Palace? The House of Pane?  Is it supposed to look like an Viking ship?  One thing is certain: There’s no shortage of “honorary” names being tossed out there for the new football stadium. which was revealed yesterday evening.

You’d think the news (ahem, or snark) would have been lost to the trending gay marriage victory last night, but the images of the glass arena were anything but overlooked on Twitter, where sports commentators and fans freely shared their opinions.

Some were quick to worship it: 1500 ESPN Twin Cities’ Tom Pelissero tweeted, “Guessing a lot of #Vikings fans are excited to spend their Sundays worshiping at the Crystal Football Cathedral.”

Those, like Steve Marsh were confused by it’s seemingly ancestral tribute. Marsh tweeted: “[I]t’s a huge Viking spaceship!?”

While KFAN’s commentator Ron Rosenbaum blasted over the Twitter-sphere: “Yes, but in the House of Pane the beauty of the glass will make you forget you’re baking.”

To which, his colleague, Dan Barreiro of KFAN asked, “How many of the 7 levels in the Vikings’ new Ice Palace have dedicated bike paths?”

Call it what you will, but you’ll hear us yell for more. . .
Skol, Vikings, let’s go!