We thoroughly enjoy our coffee shop scene here in MPLS + STPL and the newer Spyhouse spots are definitely a part of that scene’s new and ultra-hip direction. We recently spent some time at the newest Spyhouse (they’re popping up faster than top knots on our twenty-something men!) on the 900 block of Washington Avenue in the brand new hip North Loop neighborhood, and here’s our rating:

Interior: Two out of Five Spyhouses
Lots of white tile, a vaulted ceiling, cool fixtures, windows for most of the exterior walls, not a lot of individual tables. We love the other Spyhouses’ small, stand alone tables to get work done, and there really aren’t many of them here.

Patrons: Three out of Five Spyhouses
Lots of really hip and expensive clothes and trendy tattoos—if you’re a Nicollet Spyhouse traditionalist, this isn’t for you. But it’s the young creative class, albeit more small marketing agency worker than MCAD student. There were also open seats!

Coffee and Service: Five out of Five Spyhouses
Really great coffee for a reasonable price (not cheap, but on par) in a reasonable amount of time, which is worth the very little bit of wait. And the baristas talked amongst themselves for most of the coffee making process, which we’ve come to expect and somewhat enjoy from our Spyhouses. Want someone to fake care about your weekend? You’re in the wrong coffee franchise.

Overall Spyhouse Rankings by Most Spyhouse to Least Spyhouse: Nicollet, Hennepin, Broadway, Washington.