We thoroughly enjoy our coffee shop scene here in MPLS + STPL and a new Spyhouse is always cause célèbre. We recently spent some time at the newest Spyhouse (they’re popping up faster than poorly installed bike lanes!) on Snelling in St. Easy, and here’s our rating:

Interior: Three out of Five Spyhouses
If you were to draw a spectrum of an archetypal Spyhouse on one side and a generic hip St. Small coffee shop on the other, the new Snelling location would land perfectly in the middle. It’s much closer to, say, Botany Coffee than, say, Groundswell, but it’s definitely got the Spyhouse plants and accoutrements. Plus the pastry case when you walk in is beautiful. It’s also pretty small inside, which means . . . 

Patrons: Two out of Five Spyhouses
The crowd at the new spot is much more Highland and Mac Groveland Gen X and Yers crowded in the entryway nervously wondering if they’re going to have somewhere to sit when their drinks were done. We were going to give this an surprising one out of five, but there was someone in front of us with ripped tights and Doc Marten (reissues) that got an Americano to go, so it’s up to a two.

Coffee and Service: Three out of Five Spyhouses
Like the other locations, the St. Squeazy Spyhouse has really great coffee for a reasonable price (not cheap, but on fits in with the rest of the scene) in a reasonable amount of time, which is worth the very little bit of wait. We do have to note that we shazamed a few of the songs being played because they were so bad—something pretty shocking for a Spyhouse location, especially considering its worth going to the Nicollet location sometimes just for the music. 

Updated Overall Spyhouse Rankings by Most Spyhouse to Least Spyhouse: Nicollet, Hennepin, Broadway, Washington, STPL.