If we had to pick just one musical trend from this year that resonated the most with us, it would likely have to be the straight up dominance of MPLS + STPL music by women. We’ve been floored by the excitement, the hustle, and the energy put out by many women artists this year, on their own and in collaboration, and that exact trend will be encapsulated on Friday by one of the most prolific current sound-slingers, DJ Keezy.

Ahead of the big all female show at the First Avenue Mainroom, we checked in with DJ Keezy with some quick questions on her work ethic and selecting the lineup.

Secrets of the City: Are you the busiest DJ in MPLS + STPL? It seems like you’ve got 3-4 gigs a week! What’s the motivation to do so many sets?

The love behind it keeps me going. I love setting the mood by creating the right tone and sounds for people. Having so many gigs also gives me a variety of different atmospheres I get to spin in which is exciting to be able to switch it up.

Why did you put together the first, and now second, installment of the KLITxUATION? To celebrate the artists? Did you think the artists weren’t getting enough individual or collective attention?

Being a female artist in general many of us get over looked just because we are women. I’m always surrounded by the most talented female artists so it only made sense to throw an event where it’s all female based. This way people have the opportunity to see more female artists rather than going to other events where there might only be one or two of us on a lineup.

How did you go about selecting women for the bill? Any parameters or things you were looking for? Just people you wanted to highlight? 

Everyone on this bill I am a fan of and have shared the stage with before. I also made the lineup based off of the different energies each artist brings.

It seems like more and more show have hosts for their party, what role do hosts Micamay and Tish Jones play in the evening?

Hosts for me are so important because they play a major role in setting the tone for the night. Mica and Tish are great at getting the crowd turnt and keeping the flow of the show on the right path.

If you had to pick one thing to hype people up about the KLITxUATION on Friday, what would it be?

It’s a room full of powerful women and there’s nothing like it so don’t miss out!!-Everyone on this bill I am a fan of and have shared the stage with before. I also made the lineup based off of the different energies each artist brings.

We can’t overstate how fun THE KliT•UATION will be, and we want as many of our readers to attend as possible. To help do that, we’re giving away a bunch of tickets—just reply that you’d like to attend and who’d you’d like to bring with as your dance buddy for a chance to win!

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