For the last 10 years, Green Room Music Source has brought us some of the most recognized names in local music, and they’ll be marking the occasion on Saturday with a stacked show at the Turf Club. Just check out this lineup: The Melismatics, a reunion of Mark Mallman’s side project Ruby Isle, Johnny & Molly of Communist Daughter, Duluth phenom Gaelynn Lea, The Look and Feel (featuring Eric Lovold and Ryan McMillan of The Alarmists), and a bunch more.

Before that mini-festival kicks off, we quick chatted with co-founder Craig Grossman to hear about all the many, many details that go into just one band, not to mention several bands, playing a show for you.

Secrets of the City: How have you gone about selecting artists to work with, especially since Green Room is so selective?

We have a belief that good artists and good agencies/agents somehow find one another in the universe. We tend to choose artists we already know are out there a lot, working the road and we have the great fortune of being able to go to other artists from our roster to get recommendations and referrals as well.

What’s changed in the last ten years when it comes to booking bands? Anything? Everything?

Not a lot actually- funny enough. The largest change is that artists need to go out on the road more often to make up for lost label royalties. That’s caused a lot more competition out there so you tend to have to book even further out than usual.

How will you realistically get all those folks—Melismatics, Ruby Isle, Gaelynn Lea(!), a bunch of others—all on and off the stage before bar close for the big anniversary show?

Oh, now you’re giving me an anxiety attack! I think we’ve structured the show to allow for longer changeovers by staggering sets between the main stage of The Turf and downstairs in the Clown Lounge. We’ve also made sure there’s no overlap in music so everyone has the chance to see full sets in both rooms. All that moving up and down the stairs will hopefully work off those great Turf Club libations for everyone this Saturday!