It’s going to be an action-packed Arts & Culture weekend, but one of the parties that really stood out for us was the Grinkie Circus. Part showcase of vintage pin-up and big beards, part small circus, part live music show, the exciting event has a lot going on that we like. 

We wanted to hear exactly what we, and you dear readers, can expect from the fun, so we talked with Grinkie Photography photographer Christi Williams, an organizer of the event.

Secrets of the City: What’s the continuing appeal of pin-ups, especially for women who want to be pin-ups?

Christi Williams: The fashions of the 1940’s and 1950’s look fabulous on every figure. Most of the women coming in for pin ups with me are doing it on a lark or to celebrate a milestone. Having a birthday/wedding/divorce/ladies night out? I’m your girl. I have the stylists, clothes, shoes props and lights and we make a real event of our time together. The pictures are a byproduct of the party we have together not the goal in themselves. Coming in for pin ups just give me a chance to remind people how fabulous they are.

Vintage pin-ups and moustache club makes sense to us, but we’re not sure why? What made you pair them? And then throw in a circus atmosphere?

Pin ups and moustaches both speak to style and fun. Last year I had a grown up prom and got feed back that people felt like they needed a date so I wanted to try something new, and who doesn’t like a circus? (Assuming there is not animal cruelty or scary clowns.)

We’re familiar with the Harriet Space as it is now, what’s it going to look like when we show up this weekend?

This weekend will literally be a three ring circus, or four ring to be exact. One one stage we’ll be starting with a KFAI Vinyl voices broadcasting live, then it’ll be live blues and swing music for the rest of the day.

Outside under the 40×60 foot striped tent we’ll have a pet costume contest at 1, followed by kid costume and kid beard (see kid’s beard making table) parade. At 4:30 we start all the beard contests and all are welcome to participate. The Minneapolis Beard and Moutstach club will have categories for Wiskerina, bearded ladies, strongman moustaches, circus themed freestyles and a best in show. at 8:15 our final contest of the day is our Pin up contest run by the lovely and talented Lela Bells: the Pin up Vigilante. There is room in all of these contests yet, so come a little before your favorite and get signed up!

Inside the talented Q&Z aerial team will be performing NINE different vignettes throughout the day. Outside Fandazzi fire circus will have TWO fabulous shows after sundown. There will be food trucks all day so come hungry. There are also a variety of roving performers working their magic. There will be lots to see and colorful attire is encouraged. Look for me in the bright orange tutu!

The Grinkie Circus is happening on Saturday at Harriet Brewing from Noon to 10 PM. Tickets are $10 at the door.