On Saturday, all throughout the country and including Minnesota, reproductive rights and justice organizations will be holding a series of free music and cultural events called All Access; the events aim to highlight that the majority of Americans support abortion rights and the importance of access to reproductive health.

The hometown installment of All Access combines pro-choice orgs and an incredible showcase of musical talent—Villa Rosa, DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Sarah White, The Lioness, ZuluZuluu—assembled and hosted by promoter Amber ACE Cleveland, who’s also responsible for the very cool For The Love events we’ve highlighted. We sent some quick questions to Cleveland about the upcoming All Access event.

Secrets of the City: How does this show connect to the larger All Access programming that’s happening? Are they at the same time? Can people follow along with other cities on social or the web?

Amber ACE Cleveland: The All Access events will unite reproductive rights and justice supporters across the country to demand abortion access for everyone who needs it. All Access isn’t just a concert, it’s a powerful cultural event that brings together people of all ages, ethnicities, racial and gender identities to expand our access to abortion and celebrate our collective power. On September 10, 2016, music and cultural events will take place simultaneously in over thirty cities across the country. Together we stand in support of abortion access for everyone.

The biggest names in music and comedy will join forces with the country’s leading artists and creative voices to share their stories about why access to abortion benefits people. Folks can follow any city by going to allaccess2016.com.

Secrets: We’re excited to spread the word about the lineup, but also the important cause. How will the event “show how access to abortion benefits women, their families and ultimately, the country”?

AAC: Organizers from all across the social justice spectrum will be present and speaking at this event about the intersections between race, sexuality, immigrant status and reproductive justice. We recognize that abortion access is a reproductive justice issue. Reproductive justice being when ALL people are free to make decisions about their reproductive lives free from coercion. Individuals accessing abortion don’t make their decision without taking into account the intersection of the many identities they hold, whether it be their socio-economic identity, racial identity, or gender identity. The intention is to showcase the importance of reproductive justice and that all the social issues we are fighting—racial, economic, environmental, etc.—all directly tie into one’s decision about when to start and grow a family. Our hope is that these conversations and this framework will give us the tools to realize our needs.

Secrets: The lineup is some of best musical talent you can catch in MPLS + STPL, but how much of the lineup was selected to represent women of color and how much was to put together a lit show?

AAC: When I was approached to help curate the event for the organizations they stressed that the performers should highlight woman of color. Traditionally women of color are left out of these spaces even though these organizations do a lot of labor for social and racial movements. The lineup is suppose to be a visual representation of the reproductive justice movement, which is rooted in the spirit of creating a space for women of color. After working through the process and availability the line up evolved into this final iteration. As a female promoter in the Twin Cities my eye is often drawn to female acts, and as a social justice worker, my priority is as an ally for the POC community and to utilize my privilege in order to highlight their talents. Now, was the lineup put together to have a lit show, that’s the goal of every show producer, isn’t it?