As we alluded to on Friday, part of our plan for weekend hydration was to try out Insight Brewing‘s new beer cocktail (beerktail?), the Super Crazy Aunt. It’s basically two ounces of gin plus half a can or so of their new Crazy Aunt Gin & Tonic Ale plus some lime juice and slices. Now you might be pausing at “Gin & Tonic Ale”—we did, too—but we recommend it. It’s light without being sweet, an ale but with a really pronounced and enjoyable flavor, and the coriander comes through and surprises you. Plus, like any good beer, the bottom tastes as good or better than the top. So what about the cocktail? Even better. The lime juice spritzes things up a little more and a good gin just adds a little more depth of flavor. We’re actually planning on trying out Insightful Garden and French 75 recipes, too. Pro Tip: With the beer at 6% ABV plus the gin, maybe just don’t bike around too much after two or more.