The very first publications were basically just lists of prices for the necessities you would buy throughout a market; that’s what we’ve got here, some of the costs throughout MPLS + STPL. If we had the time, we’d include this in every newsletter! All costs are in American dollars.

Grilled artichokes with romesco, $7
Italian sausage meatballs in red sauce, $7
Forest mushrooms pizza, $13
with arugula, fontina, garlic, pickled onions

kado no Mise
Grilled A4 Wagyu Beef, $42/4 oz
shishito peppers, yuzu kosho and sansho peppercorns
Hosomaki—Tekka maki, $10.50
bluefin tuna roll

Hewing Hotel
St Anthony Suite, $263.20 advance, $329 per night

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 
Target Center, Oct 22nd, $27-502

Ali Wong
State Theatre, Oct 14th, $45-65