Pet Ownership in Minn. Among Lowest in the Nation

A dog is man’s best friend—everywhere but Minnesota, apparently. A study recently released by the American Veterinary Medical Association ranked pet ownership in Minnesota 42nd in the nation. Only 31.9 percent of Minnesotans own a dog, and 29.7 percent own a cat, although there are more cats than dogs in the state.

Reasons for the lack of furry friends? Urban populations tend to own fewer pets, as do more educated folks. Our harsh winters may also deter some from adopting a pooch.

2 thoughts on “Pet Ownership in Minn. Among Lowest in the Nation

  1. Sandy

    Or maybe it’s because Minnesota is one of the only states that require pet registrations so people don’t want to report it?

  2. Jenso

    I was just going to say the same thing! My own vet didn’t know that Minneapolis has a 3-animal limit, and he owns 5 dogs!

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