The Turf Club had a pretty good turnout Friday night for the Besnard Lakes, which sounded great. We had to head to the Clown Lounge when Sam Roberts band took the stage, though—they had a saxophone player for crying out loud; From several accounts, the Italian Fashion Third Thursday at the MIA was one of the most popular Thursday’s the museum has hosted; The Mall of St. Paul was having its Thanksgiving sale this weekend and we scored some great stuff from the Rank and File Vintage booth; Himalaya Cafe on Franklin, one of our absolute favorites, is moving into the old Kong’s spot on East Lake, which is great; The Slick Rick show was reviewed as “That dude is pretty old now”; We made our first trip to George and the Dragon, a cute place with a great beer selection that seemed like the perfect place for some relaxing Sunday day-drinking, had it not been crawling with unsupervised toddlers; Merlin’s Rest really packed in adults and no toddlers for pub trivia on Sunday night.