News: The news is ablaze that Chipotle suspended one of their pork suppliers and now a bunch of the Twincy stores don’t have carnitas. Notes: We’re not too bent out of shape—who only ever gets carnitas—but some of you might be thrown.

News: The city attorney for Bloomington filed charges against the organizers of the #BlackLivesMatter protest at MOA and in the paperwork Bloomington police infiltrated protest meetings to get info on the protest. Notes: It will be interesting to see how far this goes—we’re not sure how organizers can be guilty of trespassing when no one else was arrested for it, but we’re loving all the extra media attention the organizers are getting for the cause. Also the cops should’ve just looked at facebook to get all the info.

News: Gastro non Grata announced on their facebook page they’re going on permanent hiatus. Notes: It was a great event, food or otherwise, and they will be missed.