A recent survey shows that a large majority of Minneapolis residents are proud of their city and believe it’s a good place to live, however many are unsatisfied with how much they are being taxed and what their taxes go toward.

The results show a steady decline in citizens’ willingness to raise property taxes in the last decade and 59 percent said they believe they aren’t getting a good value out of their tax dollars.

The survey, commissioned by the city, may help solve this problem. While the majority of Minneapolis residents were satisfied with city services overall, the survey revealed that, compared with other cities, residents are unsatisfied with their police, parks, schools, and especially snow plowing services.

City council member Robert Lilligren believes snow plowing is essential to citizens seeing their tax dollars at work. “If people feel their streets are getting cleared in a good and timely way, it seems like they’re a little more willing to pay for all city services,” Lilligren told MPR. “I think with this long-term feedback, maybe we can be a little more strategic on where we deploy those taxes.”